Martin Kempton Lighting Ltd.

Health & Safety policy statement



Martin Kempton Lighting Ltd provides a lighting design service for the television industry.  Like most DoPs and LDs I do not have electrical or rigging qualifications.  All lighting plots submitted by me should be treated as a guide and must be rigged by competent persons.  Anything marked on a lighting plot that is considered unsafe must not be rigged and the LD contacted as soon as is practically possible.  Any verbal instruction that is not considered safe must be questioned and a safe method of rigging suggested as an alternative.

Martin Kempton Lighting Ltd does not have any employees.  I have public liability insurance of £10m via BECTU.


I currently hold Creative Industries Safety Passport (CRISP) no. 6644.  This followed intensive, evaluated courses in 2013 and 2016 organised by BECTU.  The qualification is accredited by the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.  The passport is recognised throughout the industry including the BBC, ITV and Sky.  The course encourages delegates to be pro-active in their own safety and the safety of others.

Some years earlier I attended the BBC's Safe Working with Cameras and Lights on Productions course and in September 2016 attended a BBC Safe Management of TV Productions course.  I am thus also the owner of a Production Safety Passport recognised by Creative Skillset.  I have been on several other courses over the years including the BBC's interactive safety course, a rigging and trussing course, a scaffolding appreciation course and courses on risk assessment.  In January 2016 I completed the BBC's courses on Working With Children and Data Protection.


The statement of my health and safety policy is:

  • To provide adequate control of any health and safety risks arising from work activities while rigging/finelighting, rehearsing, recording or transmitting live.

  • To consult with all other self-employed persons, contractors and members of production teams on matters affecting their or my health and safety.

  • To provide and maintain safe equipment where this is supplied to the production.

  • To provide information, instruction and supervision for myself and all other self-employed persons, contractors and staff who work with me.

  • To ensure that all other self-employed persons, contractors and persons who work with me are competent to do their tasks.  (i.e. They have the necessary skills, knowledge, attributes, training and experience.)

  • To prevent accidents and cases of work related ill health.

  • To maintain safe and healthy working conditions.

  • To review and revise this policy as necessary at regular intervals.

  • To keep up to date with current safety legislation that might affect me and to renew my CRISP passport at three-year intervals and BBC Safety Passport at 5 year intervals.


Dated - October 28, 2017

Review Date  - October 28, 2018














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