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Internet Movie Database

website listing thousands of films and TV shows with details of the cast and crew.  An astonishing range of names can be found!


online version of famous database of companies and crew working in UK film and television.


Formally known as Kemps, this is a long established database of companies servicing the British film and TV industries.

The Knowledge

essential database of leading practitioners in the British film and TV industry.


long-established international database for the film and TV industry.


Society of Television Lighting Directors.  Much useful information is to be found here.

UK Screen

yet another database of people working in the film and TV industries.

Richard Martin Lighting

arguably the UK's top TV hire company for automated lights and LED fixtures.  They have supplied equipment to the industry for over 25 years and their range is huge.  Usually my first choice for providing moving lights for studio productions.


a lighting hire company specialising in the TV industry.  With many years' experience they have developed several innovative rigging solutions and supply entire rigs from small location shoots to major outside broadcast events.  Usually my first choice for location and OB work.

History of London's TV Studios

a little project of mine that has kept me out of harm's way for a year or two.  Recommended for insomniacs.





lighting directors and operators:

Lee Allen

Lee is a very experienced moving light operator who became a BBC staff LD a few years ago.  He is now freelance and rapidly building a list of satisfied clients.  I often use Lee to stand in for me when I have bookings that clash.

Nigel Catmur

Nigel is one of the highest-regarded moving light operators in the UK.  He has also worked as LD on a few series and has much theatre experience.  He combined the two when he recently lit the Royal Variety Performance.

Will Charles

Will is a console op much in demand, but also lights productions in his own right.  He has succesfully lit a number of reality and entertainment shows in recent years.

Bernie Davis

Many years ago Bernie attended the same BBC lighting course as me.  He went freelance some years ago and specialises in lighting OB events and performances including the Royal Variety, the Proms and the Royal Wedding.

Andy Dobbs

Andy was the original moving light operator at the BBC.  Now freelance, he has huge experience to draw upon. I have worked with Andy on many shows over the years.

Al Gurdon

Al specialises in large scale televised music shows and events including the MTV Awards and the Eurovision Song Contest.  He is highly regarded throughout the industry.

Martin Hawkins

Martin is a popular and very experienced lighting cameraman who has worked on many well-known comedies over the years including most of Ricky Gervais' productions.  He has also lit several studio sitcoms including Mrs Brown's Boys and Reggie Perrin.

Chris Kempton

Chris is my brother and has followed a broadly similar career to mine.  He left the BBC to become a freelance LD in 1999.  Chris has not yet developed his own website so this link takes you to a page with his contact number.

Mark Kenyon

Mark is an ex-BBC LD well known in the industry for lighting many major entertainment shows including Strictly Come Dancing.

Tom Kinane

Tom is a very busy LD working mostly on big Saturday night gameshows and entertainment shows.  Originally with LWT he went freelance in 2002.

Rob Kitzmann 

Rob has beautifully lit a number of highly regarded comedies in recent years including League of Gentlemen, Little Britain and Episodes

Gurdip Mahal

Gurdip is not only one of the most talented LDs around, he is also one of the nicest people you could hope to meet.  He has an impressive CV of music and entertainment shows.

Mark Ninnim

Mark has a background in theatre lighting design but is also a TV console op very much in demand.

Ian Reith

Ian is a very experienced moving light operator with such shows as the Royal Variety Performance, Miss World and Stars in their Eyes on his CV.  He has also invested in several Catalyst systems and has a huge range of unique graphics that he has designed and developed.  He has operated Catalyst on several Eurovision Song Contests.

John Rossetti

John is an experienced LD who has carved a niche in the world of small semi-permanent studio set-ups.  He has lit dozens of news, weather, interview and corporate studios all over the world.  His website also includes scores of links to websites concerning every aspect of the film and TV industry and is well worth a visit.

Mike Sutcliffe

Mike is a very experienced and highly regarded LD with a number of popular entertainment shows to his credit.  These include Celebrity Juice, The Rob Brydon Show and the National Television Awards.

Roger Williams

one of the UK's leading automated lighting operators, now a busy LD in his own right too.  His recent LD work includes The Apprentice and The Alan Titchmarsh Show.

Ross Williams

Ross is one of the UK's most experienced moving light operators - often working on large scale projects with LDs such as Al Gurdon and Gurdip Mahal.


There are a number of well-know LDs who do not yet have websites that I have discovered.  Names such as Nick Collier, Dave Davey, Stuart Gain, Dave Gibson, Warren Hodge, Ian Jackson-French, Oli Richards, Chris Rigby, Mark Smithers and several others whose work I respect and admire will surely appear here as soon as they create something to which I can give a link!  If your website is not listed here or you know of someone I have missed please let me know.  Any omissions are genuine errors.


production designers:

John Asbridge

I worked with John on a couple of One Foot in the Grave Christmas specials back in the 1990s.  Since then he has mostly worked on drama series but our paths crossed again with the studio sitcom Father Figure in 2013.

Alex Craig

Alex worked with me on the four Ruby series, the last two Shooting Stars and a Russell Brand pilot for C4.

James Dillon

James has designed several well-known comedies and entertainment series.  I worked with him most recently on Russell Howard's Good News and the sitcom Not Going Out.

Eye-catching design

A group of designers based at Pinewood.  I worked with Nik Callan many years ago on EastEnders and a year or two ago on The Keith Barret Show with Rob Brydon.

Jonathan Paul Green

Jonathan's work is often seen on entertainment shows on all the main channels.  I recently lit his set for Ben Elton's series Get a Grip.

Simon Kimmel

I have worked with Simon on various programmes including Great British Driving Test and It Started With Swap Shop.

Nic Pallace

Nic has been Art Director or Production Designer on a large number of well-known dramas and comedies.  We first worked together on a children's drama called The Soldier back in 1993 and a few years ago on Coupling.

Gina Parr

Smart website from one of the country's top designers.  I worked with Gina on the Standup Show.

Cath Pater-Lancucki

Cath's designs are to be seen on several popular entertainment shows including Buzzcocks and TV Heaven, Telly Hell

Dominic Tolfts

Dominic designed the set for a panel game show for Pozzitive called Brian of Britain that I lit.  He has designed several well-known gameshows and other programmmes in recent years.

Chris Webster

Chris is hugely in demand for gameshows and entertainment shows of all kinds.  I have worked with him often and really appreciate his understanding of how lighting can enhance his sets.


There are many excellent designers I have worked with in recent years - such as Harry Banks, David Ferris, Dennis DeGroot, David Hitchcock, Colin Pigott, Les Stephenson, Graeme Story and several others  - who have yet to create a website.  As soon as they do a link will appear here!  Please contact me if you know of a site you think would be of interest to people visiting this one.